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man Just as God made man

members of this illustrious fraternity. Phi Beta Sigma does not need anything to shine. Their greatness is very easy to find if you would stop this cycle of the thunder 4 Uneducated Negro and read a book. The Sigma are the only organization that is recognized as the caretaker of all beasts, man Just as God made man.

If you want to life a fantasy life go be a dog, an Ape, a rabbit, an Elephant, a frog, a duck, a cat, a centaur. Everyone is afraid to do the right thing in life so they jump on the band wagon of what seems hot. Did you get an iphone or something 3G lately? I love it how the ladies are the first to jump up and say what any man should be; do you really know what goes on in the society of fraternity life or are you just window shopping what you think a fraternity man is? This message is not to blast anyone, but for real stop hating on the organization that made/challenge your organization to set up. How makes more money Michael Jordan or his manager; and who is working hard to get that paper between the two of them? DST007 - for you to say something to that level a Sigma Man must of broke your heart and for ever stole the Sigma off your chest.

Lets be real - men are not women - all fraternity men slowly decrease the amount of letters they wear as that get older and move up in jordan 4 thunder jordan 4 thunder the organization in like. To be a Delta or AKA is more like being a number at times, nothing spectacular from person to person, they organization just wants you for your money and netowrk power. What has any Black letter organization done lately? "Sigmas are by.
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